I Am Trying to Forget You

Yes, I Still Think Of You..
But Believe Me, I’m Trying
Really Hard Not To…

Never Cry For Them Who Hurts You

Never Cry For The Person,
Who Hurts You..
Just Smile & Say,
Thanks For Giving
Me A Chance To Find
Someone Better
Than You…

I Hope You Remember Me

I Hope You’ll Always
Remember All
The Great Memories,
We Created
Because I Will…

Please Give Me Another Chance

I Just Want
Another Chance…
Please Give Me
That Chance…

I Still Love You Very Much

“You Broke My Heart,
But I Still Love
You Very Much”

I Know I Am Not Good For You

I Will Never Be
Good Enough For You,
I Got That…

I Still Love You

You Broke My Heart,
But I Still Love You
With All The Pieces…

Some People Cant Stay in Your Life

At Some Point,
You Have To Realize That,
Some People Can
Stay In your Heart,
But Not In Your Life…

I Trusted You Its My Fault

Don’t Be Sorry,
I Trusted You.
My Fault,
Not Yours…

Fall Apart To Realize The Need of Love

Two People Have To
Fall Apart To Realize
How Much They Need
To Fall Back

Too Much Silence Breaks The Relation

Sometimes We Maintain Silence 2 Protect
1 Beautiful Relation..
But Too Much Silence Creates A
Distance In Every Beautiful Relation…

The Hardest Moments Are

The Hardest Moments Are
Not Those
When Tears Flow From Eyes..
It’s When You Have To Hide Tears
From Your Eyes with A Smile
On Your Lips…