People Cry Because

People Cry, Not Because
They’re Weak.
It’s Because They Have Been
Strong for Too Long…

I Just Ran Out Of Tears

“Just Because
I Don’t Cry
Doesn’t Mean
I Am Not Hurt..
I Just Ran
Out Of Tears A Long Time Ago.”

Don’t Cry For What You Lost

If You Don’t Fight
For What You Want,
Don’t Cry For What
You Lost…

Crying Is Body Speaks When You Feel Pain

Crying Is How Your Body Speaks When,
Your Mouth Can’t Explain The Pain You Feel…

When A Girl Cries

When A Girl Cries,
It’s Not Usually Over One Thing..
It’s Built Up Anger and Emotions,
That She’s Been,
Holding In For Too Long…

A Strong Person Is the One

A Strong Person Is Not the One,
Who Doesn’t Cry..
A Strong Person Is the One,
Who Cries & Shed Tears For a Moment,
Then Gets Up And Fights Again…

Don’t Be Alone

When I’m Alone, I Think..
When I Think, I Remember..
When I Remember, I Feel Pain..
When I Feel, I Cry..
When I Cry, I Can’t Stop…
So Don’t Be Alone!

Never Give Up Quote

Baby Don’t Cry
You Got To Keep
Your Head Up,
Even When The
Road Is Hard…
Never Give Up!

Don’t Be Sad Over the Life

It’s Okay To Be Sad,
It Okay To Cry,
Just Don’t Let The
Sadness Take Over Your Life.
You Will Be Smiling Soon…
I Know It.

Don’t Cry 4 Any One

Don’t Cry 4 Any One..
They Are Not Fit 4 Your Tears!!
The One Whose Fit 4 Your Tears,
Will Not Allow You To Cry!!!

Don’t Cry Over The Past

Don’t Cry Over The Past,
It’s Gone..
Don’t Stress About The Future,
It Hasn’t Arrived..
Live In The Present,
And Make It Beautiful…

Stop Thinking So Much

“Stop Thinking So Much..
There’s No Need To
Make Yourself Sad…”