How to Work at Your Goal

“If You Spend Too Much
Time Thinking About A
Thing, You’ll Never Get
It Done. Make At Least
One Definite Move Daily
Toward Your Goal.”

You Can Do It If You Can Dream It

“If You Can
Dream It
You Can Do It”

A Champion Is Who Never Give Up

“A Champion Is A
Who Never Give Up”

Dream Again & Try Always

“Your Dream
Doesn’t Have An
Expiration Date..
Take A Deep Breath
And Try Again.”

We Grow When We Face Challenges

We Don’t
Grow When
Things Are Easy..
We Grow
When We Face

So Many Things Are Possible

So Many Things
Are Possible
Just As Long As
You Don’t Know
They’re Impossible…

Adjust the Situation to Reach the Goal

I Can’t
The Direction Of
The Wind,
But I Can
Adjust My Sails
To Always
Reach My

You Can Change The Ending

“You Can’t Go Back And
Change The Beginning,
But You Can Start
Where You Are And
Change The Ending.”

Don’t Let The Hate Slow You Down

Some People Don’t Like You Just Because,
You’re Strength Reminds Them Of Their Weakness..
Don’t Let The Hate Slow You Down…

Formula Of Success In Career

Success Don’t Wait For Extraordinary Opportunity,
Always Make Common Opportunity
To Extraordinary
And Think Positive Towards It..
This Is Only Formula Of Success In Career!!

You Are The Best

Never Change Your Originality For
The Sake Of Others..
Because No One Can Play Your Role
Better Than You..
You Are The Best When You Are You!

Strength Comes From Indomitable Will

Strength Does Not Come
From Physical Capacity,
It Comes From Indomitable Will…

How I Fix Problems

I Do Not
Fix Problems..
I Fix My Thinking,
Then Problems

Give Me Power To Face My Problems

A Normal Person
Prays To God,
“Don’t Give Me Problems”
But A Great Person
Prays To God,
“Give Me the Power
To Face My Problems…”

Take Risks In your Life

The Best Sentence By Swami Vivekananda…

“Take Risks In your Life”

If You Win, You Can Lead!
If You Loose, You Can Guide!
Good Morning!