If You Fall I Will Pick You Up

We Are Best Friends..
Always Remember That
If You Fall, I Will Pick You Up,
I Finish Laughing!!

Best Day To Get Divorce From Wife

U Know… Which Is The Best Day
To Get Divorce From Ur Wife?
1St April, U Know Why?
If Ur Wife Accept Then It’s Your Luck,
Otherise Just Tell Her
Happy April Fools Day!!

Best Day To Propose A Girl

A: Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl?
B: April 1..
A: Why?
B:If She Accept It’s Your Luck. Otherwise Just Say, April Fool!

I Can’t Live Without You

“Life Without you Is Impossible,
You Are In My Breath, In My Blood,
I Can’t Stay For A Second Without You,
If You Are Not There I Am Dead…
Hello, I Am Talking About OXIGEN!”

Free Lunch Dinner & Stay

Breaking News…
Free Breakfast,
Free Lunch,
Free Dinner,
Free Stay,
And Free Pick Up,
Don’t Miss Chance,
Just Dial 100 N Say,

A Successful Man Vs Successful Woman

“A Successful Man Is One Who Makes
More Money Than His Wife Can Spend…
A Successful Woman Is One Who Can Find
Such A Man…”

Girls Express Their Feelings With

Girls Express Their Feelings With
Lot Of Tears,
And Boys Express Their Feelings
With Bottles Of Beers…

Height of Laziness

Height of Laziness:
Thief 1 : Let’s Count The
Money That We Have Robbed
Today At The Bank.
Thief 2 : Dude I’m So Tired..
Will See In The News..!

Phurrrr SMS

Boy: I Love U
Girl: Phurrrr
Boy: I Wil Die 4 U
Girl: Phurrrr
Boy: I Can’t Liv Without U
Girl: Phurrrr
Boy: I Want U To Give A Diamond Ring
Girl: Really?
Boy: Phurrrrr

Once God Asked One Person Whats Ur Wish?

Once God Asked One Person “Whats Ur Wish?”
Person Said “Plz Give Me My Collage Days Back”
God Laughed N Said, “MANNAT Maangne Ko Kaha Tha… JANNAT Nahi…!

2 Womens SMS

Woman 1: How Does Your Husband Come on Time?
Woman 2: I Have Made a Simple Rule:
Romance Will Start Sharp at 9…
With You Or Without You!

Girls Makeup Funny SMS

GIRLS Put MakeUp,
Lots Of Cream,
Expensive Perfumes,
And They Make The Best Hairstyle EVER…
Finally Guys Look At Them N Say:
Nice Figure!

2 Ladies SMS

2 Ladies Fighting For A Seat In Bus…
Conductor : Who Is More Aged Should Sit Here…
Both Looked At Each Other & The Seat Remained Empty..!

Sardar & Docter SMS

Sardar : All Over My Body
Wherever I Press with My Finger,
I Have A Pain.
DOCTOR Suggested Whole Body Scan.
RESULT of Scan: Fractured Finger…