Actual Meaning Of Morning

The Actual Meaning Of Morning Is
“More + Inning”.
Means 1 More Inning
Given By God To
Play And Win…
Good Morning!

Good Relation Always Stay Connected

Good Relation Are Like,
Needles Of Clock..
They Only Meet For Sometime,
But Always Stay Connected…
Good Morning!


Mathematics May Not
Teach Us How To
Add Happiness Or
How To Minus Sadness..
But, It Does Teach
One Important Thing,
Good Morning!

Nice Morning Thought

Good Morning!
Always Pray To Have Eyes,
That See The Best..
A Heart That,
Forgives the Worst..
A Mind That,
Forgets The Bad, And
A Soul That,
Never Loses Faith…!

Hardwork & Luck

Good Morning!
Hardwork Is Like Stairs,
And Luck Is Like Lift,
Sometimes Lift May
Fail But,
Stairs Will Always
Take You To The Top!

If You Have No Choice

“If You Have Choice,
Then Choose The Best..
If You Have No Choice,
Then Do The Best..

Whenever You Don’t Understand What’s Happening

Whenever You
Do Not Understand
What’s Happening
In Your Life,
Just Close Your Eyes,
Take A Deep Breath,
And Say,
“God, I Know It’s Your Plan,
Just Help Me Through It.”
Good Morning!

Being Happy In Our Hands

Making Everybody Happy
Is Not In Our Hand,
But Being Happy
With Everyone
Is Definitely
In Our Hands…
Good Morning!

Respect is Like Investment

Respect “Is the Most Important Element
of Our “Personality”
It Is Like An Investment,
Whatever We Give To Others,
It Will Return To Us with Profit…
Good Morning!

Happy Morning

When You Start Your Day,
Keep 3 Words In Your Pocket:
TRY- For Better Future,
True- With Your Work,
Trust- In God…
Then Success Will Be
At Your Feet!
Happy Morning…!!

Positive Thought In The Morning

One Small
In The Morning,
Can Change the Entire
Outcome Of Your Day!
Good Morning!

Smile Stays You Positive

It Makes You Attractive..
It Changes Your Mood..
It Relieves Stress..
And It Helps You Stay Positive…
Good Morning!

Health Comes From

Health Does Not
Come From Medicine..
Most Of The Time
It Comes From,
The Peace Of The Mind..
Heart And Soul…
It Comes From Laughter And Love..
Good Morning!

Good Morning Day Whishes

Good Morning!
Hope Your Day
Begins With Love
And Ends With
Beautiful Memories…

Mere Good Morning Ke Saath

Subah Ka Sunehra Mausam Or Aapki Yaad,
Halki Si Ye Thandak Or Garam Chai Ki Pyaas,
Yaaro Ki Yaari Or Yaari Ki Pyaari Mithaas,
Shuru Kijiye Apna Ye Din,

Mere Good Morning Ke Saath…