Marriage The Best Thing for 2 People

The Best Thing For Two People
Who Love Each Other
Is Marriage…!

Love Was Their Religion

Krishna Was Not A Hindu,
Buddha Was Not A Buddhist,
Jesus Was Not A Christian,
Muhammad Was Not A Muslim,
Guru Nanak Was Not a Sikh,
They Were All Teachers,
Who Taught Love:
And Love Was Their Religion!

You will Be My Companion Forever

With Your Love Close To My Heart,
I Can Ask For Nothing More..
Near or Far, Wherever I Go,
You will Be My Companion Forever…

Love Till Your Life

Do What Makes
You Happy,
Be With Who
Makes You Smile,
Laugh As Much
As You Breathe,
Love As Long As
You Live!

Trust The One Who

Trust The One Who Sees,
Sorrow Behind
Your Smile,
Love Behind
Your Anger,
Reason Behind
Your Silence…

When Nobody Seems To Care

Life May Be Hard,
Not Always Fun..
When Night Brings Dark,
Morning Brings Sun,
When Life Seems Tough
Nobody Seems To Care,
Dil Se Yaad Karna,
I’ll Be Always There…

Good Night!

If You Love Someone

If You Love Something Let It Go,
If It Comes Back To You It’s Your,
If It Doesn’t, It Never Was…

Real Love Is Based on

Real Love Is Not Based On,
Romance, Candle Light Dinner
And Walks Along The Beach…
In Fact It is Based On Respect
Compromise, Care & Trust…

What Is Love

What Is Love?
Love Is When
Someone Breaks,
Your Heart And The
Most Amazing
Things Is That You
Still Love Them
With Every Broken Piece…!!!

Love Is Not Just Saying I Love You

Is Not About How Much
You Say I Love You..
But How Much You
Prove That It’s True…

I Still Love You

“A Million Words Would
Not Bring You Back,
I Know Because,
I’ve Tried..
Neither Would A
Million Tears..
I Know Because,
I’ve Cried.”
I Cant Live Without You…
I Still Love You!

The Best Day Of My Life

I Still Remember!
The Day I Met You And Smile.
Because It Was The Best Day Of My Life..

The More Comforting Feeling

There is No Feeling More
Comforting And Consoling
Than Knowing You Are
Right Next To The One You Love…

I Hope You Will Change Your Mind

I’m Still
Holding Onto
That Little
Piece Of Hope
That Maybe
You’ll Change
Your Mind…

One Day She Will Leave You

She Will Cry, And Get Over it,
She Will Hate You, And
Then Love You Again,
But One Day She Will Leave And
She Won’t Come Back…