Everytime I Think of You

I Keep Myself Busy
With Things To Do,
But Every time I Pause,
I Still Think Of you…

Hello Means

The Word ‘Hello’ Means,
H = How R U?
E = Everything All Right?
L = = Like 2 Hear 4 rm U..
L = = Love 2 C U Soon..
O = Obviously, I Miss You!

Missing You All Makes Me Cry

Missing Family Member Makes Me Sad,
Missing Lover Makes Me Angry,
Missing Friends Makes Me Feel Bad,
Missing U All Makes Me Cry…

46 I Miss You So Badly

Whenever I Miss You I Close My Eyes,
And I See A Wonderful Surprise.
That Surprise Is You, Lovely And True,
I Miss You So Badly, And There Is Very Little I Can Do…

Can We Coffee At Noon

Have A Nice Time On Your Trip.
But There Is One Promise That I Want You To Keep.
You Said You Will Come Back Soon,
So, I Expect You With Coffee At Noon…

Missing You So Much My Dear

I’m Here So Far Away,
Feeling So Empty In Life,
I Live With Past Memories,
Dreaming To Be Like That Again,
Missing You So Much My Dear…

I Miss You Every Day

I Miss You Madly Every Day,
In My Room, On My Way,
How I Feel I Cannot Say,
I Miss You Madly Every Day!

I’m Lonely without You

I’m Lonely without You.
I Don’t Know What To Do Without You.
I Miss You Like Crazy.
My Life Doesn’t Feel Like Life Without You…

I Really Miss You

It Has Been A Very Long Time Since I Have Seen You.
Wish We Would Meet Up,
Even If It’s Just For A Few Seconds…
I Want You To Know That,
I Really Miss You!

I Can’t Forget You

I Can 4 Get A Face,
I Can 4 Get A Home,
I Can 4 Get A Place,
I Can 4 Get A Name,
I Can 4 Get A Game,
I Can 4 Get Even Myself,
But 4 Getting U ?
4 Get It.

Symbol Of Remembrance

Every Tear Is A Sign Of Broken Heart,
Every Silence Is A Sign Of Loneliness,
Every Smile Is A Sign Of Happiness,
Every SMS Is A Symbol Of Remembrance…

I Miss U So Much

We May Easily Forget The People,
With Whom We Laughed And Enjoyed…
But We Can’t Forget Those People,
With Whom We Cried And Shared Our Feelings…
I Miss U So Much!

Other May But I Will Never Forget You

People live People Die,
People Laugh People Cry,
Some Give Up Some Will Try,
Some Say Hi Some Say Bye,
Others May Forget You But Never Will I !


In My Life I Learned…
How To Love,
To Smile,
To Be Happy,
To Be Strong,
To Work Hard,
To Be Honest,
To Be Faithful,
To Forgive,
But I Couldn’t Learn,
How To Stop…

Don’t Think That I Forgot U

Some Day If I Die..
Don’t Think That I Forgot U..
Just Have A Look Towards Sky!
My Tears Will Be A Rain Drop On Ur Cheeks 2 Say,
“Hey I’m Still With You!”