Even When Things Are Bad Smile

Even When Things Are Bad,
Take Time To Smile..
You Can Still Find A Way
To Reach To The Top!
Good Luck!

I Want Smile on Your Face

I Dont Want
But Just A Smile On
Your Face
Because Of Me…

I Smile When I See You Happy

Do You Know What Is Difference Between,
Your Smile And My Smile?
You Smile When You Happy,
And I Smile When I See You Happy…

SMILE on Your Face Stay Forever

Leaves Do Not Look Green Forever,
Roses Do Not Look Fresh Forever,
But I Pray To God That “SMILE”
On Your Face Stay Forever…!

A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile SMILE SMS ENGLISH Image

No Smile Is As Beautiful As The One That Struggles Through Tears…
And No Relief Is As Sweet As The One That Gets To See This Smile…
Keep Smiling!