Saturday & Sunday Are Best Days

Better Days
Are Coming…
They Are

One of the Highest Salaried Job

Being A Full-time Mother is One of the Highest
Salaried Jobs Since The Payment Is Pure Love…
Happy Mother’s Day!

You Are World’s Best Teacher

The Way You Teach,
The Knowledge You Share,
The Care You Take,
The Love You Shower,
Makes You The
World’s Best Teacher…
Happy Teacher’s Day!

A Friend Is Some One Who

A Friend Is Some One Who
Understands Your Past,
Believe In Your future
And Accepts You Today The Way You Are…
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Is Like Umbrella Share It

Heart Is A Crystal,
Preserve It!
Love Is Perfume,
Spread It!
Feeling Are Like Fluid,
Flow It!
Friendship Is Just Umbrella,
Come Lets Share It!
Happy Friendship Day!

Must Have A Friend Like You

Every Garden
Must Have A Rose,
Every Grass
Must Have A Dew,
And Every Person
In The World
Must Have A
Friend Like You…
Happy Friendship Day!

Best Friend Would Be The One

A Good Friend
Would Bail You Out of Jail,
But Your Best Friend,
Would Be The One Sitting
Next To You Saying,
“Damm That Was Awesome”.

Happy Armed Forces Day

Today Is A Day To Honour
All Those Brave Men And Women
Who Have Served And Serving Their Country,
With Bravery, Dedication And Self Sacrifice…
Happy Armed Forces Day!

Bhartiya Hone Par Kariye Garv

Bhartiya Hone Par Kariye Garv,
Milke Manaye Loktantra Ka Parv,
Desh Ke Dushmno Ko Milke Harao,
Har Ghar Par Tirnga Lahrao…
Happy Republic Day!

Happy Promise Day

I Promise To Hold Your Hand,
No Matter What Happens
Till Death Do Us Apart…
Happy Promise Day!

Happy Engineers Day

My Xerox Bills Are
Higher Than,
My Mobile Bills…
Happy Engineers Day!

Best Wishes & Happy Easter

Let This Festival Of
Easter May Fullfill Ur
All Dreams And You
Will Get Success In
Every Part Of Your
Best Wishes!!
Happy Easter…

Achha To Vo Bachpan Ka Jamana Tha

Rone Ki Vajah Na Thi,
Na Hasne Ka Bahana Tha,
Kyon Ho Gaye Ham Itne Bade,
Isase Achha To Vo Bachpan Ka Jamana Tha…
Antar-rashtriya Baal Divas Ki Shubhkamnaye!

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Jawaharlal Nehru Children’s Day Quote

Children Are Like Buds In A
Garden And Should Be Carefully
And Lovingly Nurtured, As They
Are The Future Of The Nation
And The Citizens Of Tomorrow…
Happy Children’s Day!

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Children Are God’s Best Creation

Children Are God’s Best Creation.
They Spread
Happiness And Joy In
Every Season..
Handle Them With
Love And Care..
Happy Children’s Day!