Happy April Fools Day SMS

I Thought of Making
A Fool of You…
But Then,
What’s The Use,
Happy April Fools Day!

Happy April Fool Day SMS

A – You Are Attractive,
B – You Are The Best,
C – You Are Cute,
D – You Are Dear To Me,
E – You Are Excellent,
F – You Are Funny,
G – You Are Good Looking,
H – Hehehe…
I – I’m
Happy April Fool Day!

Best Day to Propose a Girl

Hey You Know?
Which is the Best Day to Propose a Girl.. April 1st?
You Know Why??
If She Accept, its Your Luck..
Otherwise Just Tell April Foooool…

April Fool Wishes SMS

I May Forget to Wish You On Holi, Diwali or Even New Year’s Day,
But I am Very Thankful to God that I Remember,
And Wish You on A Very Special Day Meant for People Like You…
Happy April Fool !

Happy April Fool SMS

God Made Daylight & it’s Called Sun;
God Made Entertainment & it’s Called Fun;
God Made Nightlight & it’s Called Moon;
God Made You and it’s Called Cartoon.
Happy April Fool!

Happy Fools Day SMS

A: U R Attractive
B: U R Bright
C: U R Chic
D: U R Delightful
E: U R Extra-Ordinary
F: U R Fantastic
G: U R Gracious
H: U R Hygienic
I: I Am
J: Just Joking…
Happy All Fools’ Day!

Amazing Facts Funny SMS

Amazing Six Facts –
1. 90% Of People In Myanmar Don’t Drink Milk.
2. Snake’s Vision Is Up To 5 Km.
3. A Man Can Touch Sun If His Body.
Is Completely Surrounded By Mercury.
4. No Twins Have Been Born Til Now In Greenland.
5. Zebra Doesn’t Have Liver.
6. All The Details Are False.
Thanks For Believing Me For A While.
“April Fool”…!

April Fool Trick SMS

Fact 1: You Can Not Touch
Your Lower Lip With Your Tongue…
Fact 2: After Reading This,
99/100 Idiots Would Try To Do It…
April Fool !

Sardar April Fool SMS

Sardar Got into A Bus on 1st April,
When Conductor Asked for Ticket,
He Gave Rs.10/-
and Took the Ticket and Said April Fool…
I Have Pass!