Wish You A Happy Mother’s Day

No Other Gift In The World Will Be
More Special Than The Gift Of Mother..
I Am Really Too Glad To Have You.
Love You Lots Mom…
Wish You A Happy Mother’s Day !

Happy Mothers Day Mom

I Might Have Never Ever Said Thank You For
All That You Did For Me. You Brought Me
Into This World, Taught Me How To Walk,
Protected Me From Harm, Motivated Me To
Take Decisions On My Own, Supported Me
Whenever I Stumbled And Most Importantly
Picked Me Up Whenever I Fell. So I Am
Taking This Day As An Opportunity To Thank You..
Thank You So Much Mom…
Happy Mothers Day !

Happy Mothers Day To All Moms

The Hardest Job In The
World Is Being A Mom..
No Holidays, No Promotions,
No Raise, No Days Off!
But It Is By Far The Best Job!
Happy Mothers Day To All Mom’s !!
Love U Mom…

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