Wish U Good Night

Night Is Longer Than Day For Those,
& Day Is Longer Than Night For Those,
Who Make their DREAMS Come True…
Wish U Good Night!

Always Listen To Your Heart

Always Listen To Your Heart..
It’s On Your Left Side,
But It’s Always Right!
Good Night…

Night Is The Nice Gift

Night Is The Nice Gift,
So Close Your Eyes &
Open The Gift..
You See Another World,
Waiting For You…
Good Night!

Good Night Characters Meaning SMS

G. Go 2 Bed
O. Off D Lights
O. Out Of Tension
D. Dreams Come True
N. Nice Sleep
I. Ignore Worries
G. Get Up Early
H. Have A Nice Day
T. Thank God Always…

Have A Nice Dream

Never Say Dreaming Is Useless,
Because Life Is Useless If You Can’t Dream,
Have A Nice Dream…
Sweet Night…
And Miss Me…