Everytime I Think of You

I Keep Myself Busy
With Things To Do,
But Every time I Pause,
I Still Think Of you…

Hello Means

The Word ‘Hello’ Means,
H = How R U?
E = Everything All Right?
L = = Like 2 Hear 4 rm U..
L = = Love 2 C U Soon..
O = Obviously, I Miss You!

Missing You All Makes Me Cry

Missing Family Member Makes Me Sad,
Missing Lover Makes Me Angry,
Missing Friends Makes Me Feel Bad,
Missing U All Makes Me Cry…

46 I Miss You So Badly

Whenever I Miss You I Close My Eyes,
And I See A Wonderful Surprise.
That Surprise Is You, Lovely And True,
I Miss You So Badly, And There Is Very Little I Can Do…

Can We Coffee At Noon

Have A Nice Time On Your Trip.
But There Is One Promise That I Want You To Keep.
You Said You Will Come Back Soon,
So, I Expect You With Coffee At Noon…