Swatacha Bachaav Karnyacha Upay

Swatacha Bachaav Karnyache
Sarvat Prabhavi Sadhan Mhanje,
Samorchyavar Tika Karane…

Thanking A God for Each Day

Thank You God
For All Your Blessings To Me
And My Family..
For The Strength You Give
Me Each Day And For All
The People Around Me
Who Make Life More Meaningful…!

See The Good In Everyone

See The Good In Everyone..
Be Blind To the Faults Of Others.
Things Do not Change,
You Change Your Way of Looking At Them…

Breathe, Trust, Let Go & See

You Don’t
Always Need A Plan..
You Just Need To
Breathe, Trust,
Let Go, And See
What Happens…

Life Is Your Teacher

“Life Itself Your Teacher
And You Are In A State
Of Constant Learning.”