A Real Friend Is One

A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In
When the Rest Of The World Walks Out…

Friend Means

F… First
R… Relation
I… In
E… Earth (Which)
N… Never
D… Dies….

Our Friendship Will Last Forever

To My Dearest Friend,
I Always Wanted A Friend
Sweet And True..
My Wish Was Fulfilled
When I Met You..
Yes, Destiny Brought Us Together,
But I Promise That Our
Friendship Will Last Forever…
A Very Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Is Like A Thread

Friendship Is Like A
Golden Thread..
That Binds Two Hearts,
A Feeling That Keeps Growing,
Even When We Are Far Apart..
No Matter Where We Are..
I Want You To Know,
You’re A Friend I Feel…
Always Close To!

Our Friendship Grows More with Time

I’m looking For A Friend..
A Friend Who’ll Be
Loving, Caring And True..
A Friend
Who Is Really Special
And It’s You.

Here’s Wishing
More Beautiful With Time…