Have A Lovely Day Wish

It’s Time To Get Up My Sleepy Head,
It’s Time For Another New Day,
So, Go Out There With A Smile,
And Have A Lovely Day,
I Love You A Lot Dear,
Wish You Were Near!

Have A Lovely Day My Love

My Love I Miss You All Day,
But At The Start Of This Lovely Day,
I Am Missing You More,
Just Wanted To Wish With A Smile,
Have A Lovely Day My Love, FLOVE
All The Way And While!

Marriage The Best Thing for 2 People

The Best Thing For Two People
Who Love Each Other
Is Marriage…!

Love Was Their Religion

Krishna Was Not A Hindu,
Buddha Was Not A Buddhist,
Jesus Was Not A Christian,
Muhammad Was Not A Muslim,
Guru Nanak Was Not a Sikh,
They Were All Teachers,
Who Taught Love:
And Love Was Their Religion!

You will Be My Companion Forever

With Your Love Close To My Heart,
I Can Ask For Nothing More..
Near or Far, Wherever I Go,
You will Be My Companion Forever…