To Save Any Friendship Or Relation

Beautiful Lines To Save Any Friendship Or Relation:
“Whenever You Find Me Wrong, Bad
Or Rude At Any Point Of Time,
At Least Tell Me Once Before Telling The Whole World…”

Our Relation Is Strong

Our Relation Is Strong RELATION STATUS ENGLISH Image

A Word To Say, A Word To Hear,
Even In Ur Absence I Feel U Near,
Our Relation Is Strong, Hope It Goes Long,
We Will Remain The Same Till The Life Goes On!

Relations Never Breaks If

Relations Never Breaks If RELATION STATUS ENGLISH Image

Distances Never Separate Any Relation,
Time Never Breaks Any Relation.
If Feelings R True From Heart,
Then Friends R Always Friends Forever!

STATUS To Strengthen Relationship

STATUS To Strengthen Relationship Image

Relations Require Real Effort.
Even When All Of Us Are Busy With Our Own Lives,
A Simple Msg After A Long Time
Will Remind That Few Relations Are Still Alive..!

Secret of Perfect Relation STATUS

Secret of Perfect Relation STATUS Image

Perfect Relation Isn’t The 1
Which is Free From Problems And Misunderstanding
Its The 1
Where 1 Sorry & A Smile Can Make
Everything Perfect As Before…