Jawaharlal Nehru Children’s Day Quote

Children Are Like Buds In A
Garden And Should Be Carefully
And Lovingly Nurtured, As They
Are The Future Of The Nation
And The Citizens Of Tomorrow…
Happy Children’s Day!

Children Are God’s Best Creation

Children Are God’s Best Creation.
They Spread
Happiness And Joy In
Every Season..
Handle Them With
Love And Care..
Happy Children’s Day!

It’s Children’s Day

Time For Some
Splashing Fun..
Cheers ‘N’ Jolly Time
For Everyone..
Because It’s
Children’s Day..
May The Love And Laughter
Always Stay On
Every Child’s Face…
Happy Children’s Day!

Enjoy Children’s Day

There Are
Sometimes That We
Can’t Buy,
One Of Such Things is
Our Childhood…
Enjoy The Spirit Of
Children’s Day!

Children Day Best Thought

We Worry About What A Child Will
Become Tomorrow..
Yet We Forget That,
He Is Someone Today!
Happy Children Day…!